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Catch the Wave of 30 Web Design Trends for 2024

It’s clear how the web has conquered the ever-growing world. Every web developer is on a rollercoaster ride, creating a significantly impacted website design trend that lasts. Our audiences have short attention spans. This means that to grasp a viewer’s attention, web designers must work extra hard to create interactive web design trends. The last thing we want is for our visitors to get bored and ultimately leave.

Knowing about the current web design trends that actually spark is vital. Your website provides the information your viewers need to learn about your services or products in order to make a purchase. With innovative web design trends, you can boost your website and shine from the online crowd. Here are our top choices for web design trends in 2024 that will guide you to choose better!

1. Scrolling Effects

Our strong prediction for leading web design trends in 2024 is through the power of making a dynamic web design. Scrolling Effects are arguably one of the most superior trending web design elements to kick-start your new year! Engage your audience and intrigue them into knowing more about your web design and services.

Let’s take Engineered Floors as an example. Flawlessly executed and more, they combined the perfect combination of horizontal and vertical scrolling. As you land on their homepage, you see an aesthetic image of a chair towards the right. The image stays still as you keep scrolling, but the content changes. As you scroll, you ultimately reveal a living room and indulge in a 3D moment. We know this web design trend will keep it up during 2024!


2. Experimental Navigation

Viewers enjoy a spark of creativity; sometimes, the standard scrolling gets boring, and your audience could lose interest in your website. That is where the power of experimental navigation comes in handy for modern trends in website design. Experimental patterns in new web designs ignite curiosity in a more creative direction. This enables your web design styles to be interactive with your viewers.

For example, one of the many website design trends in Kim Kneipp’s portfolio site. The entire website has minimalism leaning towards the artistic side. On the right corner of the homepage, the Menu button, instead of popping up, slides and opens up like a table of contents you’d see on a book. Creative right? The rest of the contents, such as About Us or Services, are towards the left side of the Menu and open up gracefully. Revealing their services instead of popping up. Experimental navigation web design trends are increasing and are preferred if your website has less content and more visuals.

Experimental Navigation

3. Drag Interaction

Basic scrolling is outdated and old. Well, it depends on what you’re marketing. Drag Interaction web design trends are the new way to engage and glue your viewers to the screen! These website design trends will never fall out of style. We heavily advise this modern trends website strategy for marketers who are an e-commerce or portfolio website. Drag interaction allows your viewers to pick up animated objects or to drag certain designs from the website around.

We found Robin Mastromarino’s portfolio site to represent drag interaction web design trends best. Instead of the basic scrolling through, a sideward drag-and-drop interactive strategy is used to keep the viewers entertained. These website trends are superior to creative individuals and more!

Drag Interaction

4. Dynamic Cursor

Here is a unique way to add some punch to website design trends in 2024. Make your cursor fun! The typical arrow can get boring for some people. Your users will definitely enjoy this experience. It will allow them to interact with your web elements uniquely. You can, for example, alter your cursor’s shape and make an object follow your cursor.

For example, Pest-Stop Boys has included a creative twist to the regular pest control sites out there. This strategy will outperform the rest, from color coordination minimal content, and an engaging cursor. Your viewers will be guaranteed to be engaged in this latest website design strategy, which will continue trending in 2024.

Dynamic Cursor

5. Interactive 3D Models and Content

According to research, people’s attention spans have decreased, so it is time for us to follow more imaginative and aesthetic web design trends. 3D elements have made a huge comeback ever since.

Let us take the Campo Alle Comete website as an example since it portrays exactly that! It includes a beautiful visual representation of a magical element, and you can go through each element and further discover more products at every angle. These web design styles strongly impact viewers and keep them glued to learn more about your website or products! This method of visual representation is for sure in 2024 website design trends.


6. Custom Illustrations

When your website has a customized touch to it, it gives a sense of originality and more. You can connect better with your customers and bring your company images to life! For example, Smash Mallow has customized drawn images on their homepage. This modern trends website strategy will significantly increase user engagement by making your website visually more creative, attractive, and interactive.

Add your own personalized touch to your website with custom illustrations that are definitely going to remain in style for 2024 web design trends.

Custom Illustrations

7. Layering

By adding layers to your website homepage, you can create an illusionary style that looks both futuristic and modern at the same time. For example, the Japanese singer and songwriter SIRUP has displayed his music album on a website with the layers web design trend technique. There are multiple strategies used. For example, the background is frosted, giving more focus to the front of the content. These website design trends add depth to your web page.


8. Emphasis on Product Photography

There are so many products on the rise and so many that yet need to be displayed aesthetically! That is where the web design trend for emphasizing product photography comes in place! Let’s take the website KAINE Cosmetics as an example. The close-up, detailed shots help the viewers have a good look into what they are buying. These modern trends website techniques are perfect for product advertisements such as cosmetics, skincare, or art. This way, your viewers don’t need to search separately about the products.

Emphasis on Product Photography

9. Y2K Inspired Design

There has been a major bounce back for Y2K aesthetics. And we have predicted that it will for sure last. Popular celebrities and companies use this strategy to add edge to their products and designs. In this case, why not add it to your website? This nostalgic strategy has recently been applied to several websites for brand or product promotion.

For example, Fray Studio has captured the Y2K aesthetic flawlessly. Bold, captivating, and futuristic, this will be popping for website design trends in 2024.

Y2K Inspired Design

10. Brutalism

Don’t let the name of this web design trend fool you. Its meaning here changes entirely, we assure you! Some website designers like to go out of the box and create a more raw, functional, minimalist design with an “in your face” approach. Some designers opt for a more convention-defying, standout aesthetic that attracts more youthful and artistic individuals.

For example, the ChainZoku website effortlessly combines the brutalist web design with a little touch of manga and 3D renderings of NFT characters. Additionally, they add background noise/music to enhance the overall user experience.

11.  Animated Illustrations

Animation is the past, present, and future! Animated illustrations are a successful web design trend that never goes out of style. Its inclusivity and sense of welcoming give your viewers a fun and playful vibe. We adore this modern trending website style, especially with minimal background, giving the focus towards the main illustrations. Give your website a personality of its own with this website design trend!

The best example we have searched for you is the website called Chewchoo. It’s for dog treats and more. This example will show you the power animated illustrative websites hold. We adore this website style and are sure you will, too!

Animated Illustrations

12.  Scrapbook Aesthetic

When you think about the word “scrapbook,” it takes you back a good few years, and you can relate it to childhood, fun, creativity, and edginess. But consider the newer versions of Scrapbook aesthetic coming back for 2024! But this isn’t the same type of scrapbook design that you’re thinking of. Today’s scrapbook aesthetic is more buzzed up.

Take the Gucci website as an example. It gives a hint of nostalgia intertwined with edgy designs. Not only does it look amazing, but it is interactive as well.

Scrapbook Aesthetic

13. Minimal Vintage

Personally, no matter what year we are in, vintage is a trend that will never fade. It has made several comebacks that, too, in the most sophisticated sense. We know that minimal vintage will be a successful website design trend in 2024.

Let’s look at Mama Joyce Peppa’s website; it looks persuasive and gives a vintage cowboy aesthetic to it, slightly like an old newspaper. The background colors are minimalist, highlighting the pepper sauce in the middle. This playful vintage aesthetic is surely making a huge round for web design trends in 2024.

Minimal Vintage

14. Pastels

We’ll get to the point for this one. Pastels are happy. And what is better than making a joyful, warm, and whimsical-looking website design for 2024? Pastels add an element of vivacity to your website.

Take Grainne Morton’s website as an example. The background color is beige, giving a muted sense and allowing the other pastel colors to pop, but that, too, subtly! They chose a perfect base color, making the website look sophisticated and gorgeous!


15. Gamified Design

Gamified design, which incorporates game-like elements into non-game contexts, is a popular website design trend in 2024. It is an effective way to engage visitors and make their experience more memorable.

For example, PrettyDamnQuick uses gamification to let visitors earn badges and points for completing tasks on their website. Giving a playful and interactive user experience.

Gamified Design

16. Web Textures

Web textures are images that are used in the background of a website to make it look like a three-dimensional surface. When used correctly, web textures can make visitors feel more immersed in the website by engaging their sense of touch.

For example, the Color Of Change website uses a background texture resembling duct tape.

Web Textures

17. Blending Photos with Graphical Elements

The trend of overlapping graphics is also starting to appear on websites. Businesses use this technique to reinforce their branding by incorporating their logo, colors, and other visual elements into their images. Additionally, overlapping graphics can keep website visitors engaged by creating visually stimulating and interactive content.

Take Numero as an example. Their color schemes and the flawless blend between the models and the elements present on the landing page. Giving a futuristic feel with attitude!

Blending Photos with Graphical Elements

18. Sci-Fi Inspired Design

We know for a fact that sci-fi-inspired websites are definitely going places in 2024. Sci-fi website design trends are a nod toward futurism. With this web design trend, you will catch your viewer’s attention, causing them to want to know more. We know this modern trend website design won’t suit all types of websites, so we suggest that it be used for tech brands or scientific sites.

Look at Triseum, the online portfolio company specializing in making learning video games. They included a cosmic feel to the website’s background and thin circular lines reflecting the sci-fi feel.

Sci-Fi Inspired Design

19. Mixing Horizontal and Vertical Text

Adding excitement to a web page can be as simple as placing text vertically instead of horizontally. We like that mixing horizontal and vertical text can surprise and delight users.

See Prime Park Sessions, for instance. An action sports video producer uses this technique to create a visually appealing and unique web page.

Mixing Horizontal and Vertical Text

20. Broken Grids

Grids are the most efficient way to display text and images on a website, but broken grids are becoming more popular, offering a more visually interesting and engaging alternative. Broken Grids website design trends give a convention-defying method of ensuring your website stands out.

For example, the HealHaus website uses a broken grid layout on its homepage, with overlapping images and text blocks. Using a beige-colored background gives more emphasis to the colored images included.

Broken Grids

21. Goofy Sans Serif Typography

Brands that want to convey a fun and lighthearted image should use goofy sans-serif typography. Cartoons inspire this optimistic typeface and have a retro flair. When using goofy sans serif typography in your content or website, make sure it stands out so that it doesn’t get lost among other elements.

Gumroad’s font is a bold and fun example of this type of typography. It gives a whimsical feel along with simplicity.

Goofy Sans Serif Typography

21. Grid Lines

Grid lines became popular in 2022 for a good reason: they give visitors a sense of organization and clarity. We know they will continue to be a part of website trends in 2024. Adding grid lines enhances your website, making it more visually appealing and easier to comprehend.

The Foundations for a Better Oregon website uses grid lines to create a clear and futuristic layout. It isn’t just about visuals. It’s a valuable sense of organization!

22. Overlapping Text and Images

The technique of placing text slightly over images is becoming increasingly popular on blogs and portfolios.

The freelance art director Thibault Pailloux shows a perfect representation of placing overlapping texts with colorful underlines under each title. This website design trend maximizes space on the page.

23. Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Another creative pattern that is making a huge comeback for website design trends in 2024. You can add some flair and attract your visitors directly with geometric shapes popping up.

Canadian design studio MSDS uses bold, patterned letters on their landing site.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

24. Ultra-minimalism

This web design trend, when done right, will spark curiosity in your viewers. Although ultra minimum, if used incorrectly, could drive your audience away. That is why we take the example of the designer Mathieu Boulet. There are just a few choice links to their social profiles and other information. It gives a more direct feel. Simple and not overwhelming at all.


25. Text-Only

Simple and direct, text-only, minimalist designs are making a comeback for web design trends in 2024.

Take Field of Practice as a perfect example of what we mean by minimalist and simple! It features a Romie typeface with an earthy background color. We say this is elegance at its finest!


26. Natural and Organic Textures

Some people take a breath of relief when they see nature. Why not incorporate that into a web design that flatters your brand further? Earthy, inviting, and soothing. Choosing a simple font while using a natural view.

Just take Horizontal Design as an example. Eco-friendly and natural textures can also position your company to care about natural resources.

Natural and Organic Textures

27. Virtual Reality

VR is a fast-growing experience for thousands of individuals. And we know it will continue for the years to come. In this case, IKEA came up with a website concept that includes VR. It can showcase what a chair or certain furniture would look like in your room.

These web design trends are a robust, useful tool that can actually get people to click on more!

Virtual Reality

28. Structured Typography

Companies use structured typography on home pages for its stability and organization. All caps and strong shapes are common. Awwwards demonstrates the impact of structured fonts.

Structured Typography

29. Cinemagraphs

Web design trends in 2024 emphasize motion, and cinemagraphs offer a great way to achieve it. These high-quality, continuous-loop videos or GIFs add visual interest and movement to static pages. Expect smaller cinemagraphs in complex layouts, like on Grafik’s design studio website. Motion or quick flickering videos catch the attention of many viewers and keep them glued to your website!


30. Organic Shapes

Curved lines are the new sharp edges for web design trends in 2024.

We take the example of Spring Invest, the organic shapes savior. They are decorative and functional. These shapes add a moment of delight and reinforce the brand’s image and proposition to “shape the future of Commerce.”

Organic Shapes

So, What Will it be for Your Website?

Although there are so many options to choose from, it is obvious that you can only use some of these website design trends for your single website. In order to select the perfect modern trends website for 2024, consider what your services are and what aesthetic suits your products. You can, for sure, mix and match your way through, leaning towards a more creative edge. Moreover, if this all sounds a bit confusing, you can always reach out to expert designers and developers at Websvent. In addition, we hope our list of the latest web design trends will definitely guide you into making the best decision for 2024!

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