Nothing to Do? 78 Random Websites To Waste Time on When You’re Bored
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Nothing to Do? 78 Random Websites To Waste Time on When You’re Bored

Getting bored is one thing, but zoning out and endless scrolling on social media platforms is another. Isn’t it better to use that bored energy on random websites designed for that purpose? After a while, TikTok and Instagram can get repetitive, and it will be healthy for you to switch your activity up a bit with useless, interactive, random funny websites but with a purpose—to end that boredom!

If you want to look at new things and escape from repetitive videos and reels, then you have come to the right place. Also, here is a short disclaimer before we begin exploring these cool websites: We have checked them out! And they are truly unique and entertaining, wiping that humdrum away. We encourage you to try them out, too! So, let’s get started.

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78 Best Websites to Waste Time

1. Map Crunch

Imagine landing anywhere in the world, virtually. Then you can explore the place and see it. The trick here is that the location is completely random. And your mission is to explore! Map Crunch gives you a random Google Maps location from anywhere worldwide, and you can experience a full 360-degree view.  You can also see the location of the random place they have dropped you off to explore. Pretty neat, right?

Map Crunch

2. Find the Invisible Cow

You will have to turn your audio on for this interesting website. Find the Invisible Cow is a fun-finding game. There is a loud sound that comes from someplace on the screen, and you have to click your cursor around to spot where the cow is. Every time the cow is in a different place on the screen, you are surely to wipe your boredom away with this one.

Find the Invisible Cow

3. Paper Toilet

Don’t waste toilet paper in real life! Here is a more interesting way to waste it as much as you want. Paper Toilet is one of those random funny websites where you can waste your time for a purpose– to waste toilet paper without actually wasting it. We don’t know when the toilet paper will end. Try it out yourself and see if it ever does.

Paper Toilet

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4. The Useless Web

Here is a website that takes you to completely random and interesting websites. The Useless Website shows what the Internet has to offer and that random websites are never-ending. All you have to do is click please, and it will take you to fun websites to cure boredom.

The Useless Web

5. Pointer Pointer

Talk about a pretty useless website, but nonetheless, it achieves its goal of curing your boredom. Pointer Pointer requires you to point your cursor anywhere on the screen, and something completely random shows up.

Pointer Pointer

6. Hacker Typer

If you want to look super busy and are around a bunch of people who know nothing about coding, this can be one of the best websites to waste time and look as if you are busy working simultaneously. Hacker Typer is a fun website that makes you feel like you’re in the Matrix. The fun part about this website is that you can keyboard smash, and proper random coding words appear on the screen.

Hacker Typer

7. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty is a random website where you click around the screen to make the worm dance. What’s the purpose? Not sure. Will it waste your time, though? Yes.

Warning: This website does contain flashing images that can trigger people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Staggering Beauty

8. Wordle

I mean, if you will waste your time anyway, why not make it a bit more productive? Wordle is one of those fun websites to play when you aren’t entirely zoned out and want to refresh your mind.


9. 2048

2048 will keep you busy, thinking and wasting your time simultaneously. However, I’d give this website more credit since it sparks creativity and can increase your IQ (maybe). In this game, you use your arrow keys and combine the numbers in a sequence until you come up with 2048.


10. Scream Into The Void

Don’t we all wish to scream into the void? Well, here is a random funny website that does that for you… minus the screaming. Although it has a great impression of what screaming into the void would look like. Scream Into The Void is a website that lets you remove all that frustration. The call to action is also hilarious: “Click to scream again!”

Scream Into The Void

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11. Passive Aggressive Password Machine

If you want to know how strong your passwords are, Passive Aggressive Password Machine will tell you if that is true. All you have to do is type your password in and let the machine tell you how weak your password is (because it is passive-aggressive).

Passive Aggressive Password Machine

12. ChatGPT

Do not lie and say you never had a completely random conversation with ChatGPT without context. Especially when you knew you had other work to do but were busy being bored (guilty). Depending on how you use the site, you can get pretty good ideas from this.


13. Astronomy Picture of the Day

This is one of those interesting websites that posts a picture every day for you to come back and view. Astronomy Picture of the Day features the best NASA astronomy pictures of the day. Underneath the picture is a short caption about the picture, and you can even view the previous pictures.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

14. Wikipedia’s List of Individual Dogs

Are you interested in learning about the real dogs in the movies and their heartwarming tales? Waste your boredom away with this cool sites list. Wikipedia’s List of Individual Dogs will surely keep you entertained for a long time.

Wikipedia’s List of Individual Dogs

15. Don’t Even Reply

If you are in the mood for a read and wish to slack towards useless emails, Don’t Even Reply is the website for you. Adding this to the list of best websites to time since that is exactly what it does. The first read is hilarious, and we wasted time reading it; maybe you should, too.

Don't Even Reply

16. Duotrigordle

Duotrigordle is a website where you solve 32 Wordle puzzles at once.


17. Stellarium

Stellarium is one of those fun websites that teaches you a little bit of something while you are bored. You can peek into the starry sky at night and even learn about the stars while you are in the process of reducing boredom.


18. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine allows you to view your favorite websites before they get major makeovers. All you have to do is type in a URL, choose a date, and view the old versions of that website.

Wayback Machine

19. Shut Up and Take My Money

If you remember this meme:

Shut Up and Take My Money

This is exactly what the website Shut Up and Take My Money is intended for. This website is loaded with useless stuff and gadgets perfect for gifting to people who like collecting such items. We had to add this to the list of best websites to waste time on when you’re bored, so why not spend your money while you’re at it?

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20. Zoom Quilt

If you want to spend some time while having a hypnotizing experience, check out this fun website. On Zoom Quilt, a picture infinitely zooms in to create and reveal new pictures. This is perfect for those who are completely zoned out and have nothing to do.

Zoom Quilt

21. Pinterest

Pinterest is unlike the typical social media platforms. In fact, this can be seen as better as it has become one of those DIY platforms where people can learn new recipes, learn about new fashion trends, create their own aesthetic pin-it boards, and view inspiring outfit ideas. This is definitely one of those fun websites that cure boredom.


22. Drive Me Insane

Since 1997, this entertaining website, Drive Me Insane, has allowed you to have fun at someone else’s expense! You can waste time by turning the lights on and off in their office, playing with a disco ball, and even displaying your message on their computer.

Drive Me Insane

23. MuscleWiki

Fine-tune your workout with this fun website, MuscleWiki. It not only gives you a full diagram of your body’s muscles but also guides you how to stretch and work them out!


24. Hubski

Through Hubski, you can find interesting and unusual conversation topics. You’ll discover different forums for meaningful and distinctive discussions that will be a big hit with friends.


25. This Is Sand

Bored but want to play with virtual sand? This is Sand is perfect for you. On this website, you can recreate your sandcastles and basically whatever you feel like. It is truly one of those fun websites that cure boredom. All you have to do to start creating with sand is click the mouse and move the cursor around the screen.

This Is Sand

26. Duolingo

Make the most of your free time by attempting to learn a new language. Duolingo is perfect for this. This fun website can help you learn the basics of any language you wish to learn!


27. Radio Garden

Have you ever wanted to hear what the radio is like in Tokyo or Dublin? Radio Garden lets you travel through the airwaves and see what is playing in local cities in real time—a pretty cool thing to do when you have nothing to do.

Radio Garden

28. Lizard Point

If you are in the mood for learning but in a fun way, Lizard Point is one of the fun websites designed for this situation. You can take quizzes and learn well without the stress of preparing for an actual exam. This is for those nerds out there who want to learn more in their free time and to stop their version of boredom.

Lizard Point

29. Sleepytime

Are you looking for ways to understand your sleep schedule? And by that, do I mean to actually calculate your sleep schedule with the exact timing? Sleepytime can help you achieve that. You can now calculate your numbers for a good night’s sleep during your work or anywhere, especially in places where you are meant to be in focus, but well, you’re bored, aren’t you? It is one of those interesting websites that teaches you a bit about sleep and the patterns included.


30. Music Theory

Fun websites like Music Theory allow you to learn the language behind your favorite pieces of music. If you feel bored and suddenly feel the need to learn about the translation of your favorite song lyrics, then this interesting website is for you!

Music Theory

31. Live Kitten Cam

What better than watching rescued little kittens play around, especially when you are bored? Live Kitten Cam is perfect for that situation. This kitten cam is situated in the kitten sanctuary in Los Angeles. They always have rescued kittens there.

Live Kitten Cam

32. Cat Bounce

Here is another cat-related, random funny website for you to waste your time on. Cat Bounce is a website where you can make virtual cats bounce around on your screen, grab them with your cursor, toss them around, and watch them bounce and tumble. This is one of those fun websites to play when you really have nothing to do.

Cat Bounce

33. What Should I Read Next?

Want to discover more books? What Should I Read Next is a website that will recommend genres and books that you enjoy.

What Should I Read Next

34. My Fridge Food

Here is an interesting way to create recipes from whatever is lying around in your fridge or kitchen. My Fridge Food is actually a useful website where you select whatever items you have at present, and this site will create a recipe for you.

My Fridge Food

35. Code Academy

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Ever heard of that? If you feel pretty idle and have nothing to do, what better way to make your time worthwhile than through Code Academy? On this site, you can learn coding lessons with immediate feedback and real projects to work on.

Code Academy


Here is a great way to chill out and paint the cosmos with the colors of your choice. You can design the images the way you like and keep going. is one of those fun interactive websites that helps you feel calm.

37. The Nicest Place on the Internet

Feel like you need a hug? The Nicest Place on the Internet is one of those interesting websites that offers you a collection of videos of strangers offering free hugs. It might be odd, but the concept is sweet.

The Nicest Place on the Internet

38. Rainy Mood

If you love listening to the rain and want to hear it whenever or wherever you are, Rainy Mood is a cool site that is perfect for you.

Rainy Mood

39. A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur is a cool website that allows you to mix ambient sounds to create the perfect one that makes you feel calm. If you feel overworked or want an escape from the regular traffic noise, this website is for you.

A Soft Murmur

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40. Awkward Family Photos

Just as the name suggests, Awkward Family Photos is a random website that has gathered all the weird and awkward family captures to show you. These photos are actually so awkward that you may get secondhand embarrassment.

Awkward Family Photos

41. The Onion

The Onion features articles and local news on an international and national level but with a humorous twist. It is one of those random websites full of embarrassing and weird moments that may be loved. You can visit this website if you feel like you have nothing else better to do.

The Onion

42. Sneeze The Dragon

Yet another one of those fun websites to cure boredom is Sneeze The Dragon. In this, all you have to do is make the dragon sneeze. The tip here is that the more times you click on the dragon, the greater the sneeze will be.

Sneeze The Dragon

43. Dog Shaming

Dog Shaming features a couple of dog photos with signs telling us what naughty things they have done. You can really have a fun time reading and seeing what they have done. We had to add this to the list of best websites to waste time.

Dog Shaming

44. is loaded with English mistakes from all around the world. You may have encountered some badly written quotes or mistranslations in your life. Well, if you have not, this website will show you mistakes with unintended meanings.

45. Weave Silk

Take our artistic skill with Weave Silk. This is one of those interesting websites where you can create your own portraits and you can even download them.

Weave Silk

46. Pokémon Showdown

Pokémon Showdown offers a Pokémon battle simulator where you can play online battles against other players and teams, reliving your favorite childhood memories.

Pokémon Showdown

47. Word of the Day

Interested in learning a new word every day? Word of the Day is there to help you with that. This is one of those interesting websites that will help you learn something new almost daily.

Word of the Day

48. List of Conspiracy Theories

Who isn’t interested in reading about conspiracy theories? Especially when you know you have something important to do. List of Conspiracy Theories is one of those interesting websites that will keep you reading and researching.

List of Conspiracy Theories

49. Sporcle

Sporcle is one of those fun websites that gives you brain games and quizzes to solve. This website also includes live trivia and a party app to play with friends virtually.


50.  Poptropica

End your boredom with Poptropica. If you are looking for an old-school RPG, take a look at this website. You can also play anywhere since it is available on phones and tablets.


51. Habitica

If you are interested in knowing what your life will look like in 8-bit, Habitica can help you find out and show you more about a virtual life one quest at a time.


52. TagPro

Another one of those interesting websites that allows you to play with friends and new people online. TagPro is a website where you have to waste your time away from capturing flags with your friends while you are stuck inside a cave.


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53. CookieClicker

How fast can you click for the sake of a cookie? CookieClicker will tell you how you can level up your cookie-clicking game. What an interesting and fun way to waste your time with this website.


54.  Foddy

Foddy is a website that has a compilation of athletic games you can play. Choose whichever one you like and kill the boredom.


55. Flash By Night

Flash By Night is a website that includes a handful of games. You can choose any you like. The options are endless, and they’re perfect for wasting your time.

Flash By Night

56. You Are Listening To

You Are Listening To features a police scanner audio and mixes with Lofi and other background music. If you are interested in true crime and ambient music, then this website is a must for you.

You Are Listening To

57. Xkcd

Here is another interesting website perfect for nerds. Yes, if you are interested in learning more when you are bored, Xkcd is the perfect website for you. The mastermind behind this one website is Randall Munroe.


58. Incredibox

Incredibox features a way for you to create your own crew of beatboxers that will keep you entertained and reduce your boredom.


59. Quick, Draw

Quick Draw will certainly test your drawing skills. If you are bored and just want to doodle, you can do that, too. During the process, you also help Google with machine learning.

Quick, Draw

60. Da Font

Are you tired of the basic fonts and Times New Roman? Well, Da Font is one of those fun websites where you can explore new and interesting fonts. You can download them if you want, and you can also spice up your new document.

Da Font

61. Drench

Drench is an interesting website to cure boredom if you want to be challenged to a teaser game that includes colors.


62. Window Swap

With Window Swap, you can take a little virtual journey and view short video clips through someone else’s window. You can view them from various places in the world. This is one of those fun websites that give an interesting way of traveling.

Window Swap


You will catch yourself staring at this website for a long time. It will feel like you are in some sort of trans. OMFGDOGS is one of those useless and random websites that you can visit when you want to hypnotize yourself to 8-bit style animated dogs running endlessly in a vibrant background.


64. Zombo

Welcome to Zombo, a place where the impossible becomes possible, at least according to the welcoming voice that greets you. This website features nothing more than a looped welcoming voice and some flashing colors, but its appeal lies in its simplicity and the enigma of its purpose.


65. Internet Live Stats

Internet Live Stats is an interesting website that shows you internet stats all around the world as they happen. It has live counters for various things, such as the number of active websites, tweets posted, Google searches, YouTube videos watched, and emails sent. You can see these numbers increasing right before your eyes. It’s quite mesmerizing and really demonstrates the extent to which the internet is ingrained in our daily lives.

Internet Live Stats

66. Little Alchemy 2

This is certainly one of those interesting websites, as it lets you create, discover, and learn in a fun way. Little Alchemy 2 is an incredible yet addictive game in which you start with four natural elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Then, you combine certain elements to create a new product. Then, you can keep creating products to create more products, and that way, you can create everything from zombies to cakes!

Little Alchemy 2

67. Akinator

This online game showcases a genie that can guess almost any character, real or fictional, by asking a series of questions. The Akinator’s skill in narrowing down through seemingly unrelated questions and eventually guessing your character is both remarkable and a bit eerie. It’s an entertaining way to test the genie’s extensive database and algorithmic predictions.


68.  Space Jam

Go back in time with this website. Space Jam is one of those fun websites you can visit for a dose of nostalgia.

Space Jam

69. Retail Me Not

If you are bored and feel like shopping but at reasonable prices, Retail Me Not is the website for you to visit.

Retail Me Not

70. Addictive Tips

If you feel stuck on a specific level of a video game, Addictive Tips is the perfect website for you. It can help you crack the code to your current game level so you can move on to the next one.

Addictive Tips

71. The Oregon Trail

90s kids will love this. The Oregon Trail is a fun website where you can relive all your childhood memories. This is one of those interesting websites that includes classical video games you may have played during the 90s.

The Oregon Trail

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72. Instructables

DIYs are fun when you feel low, bored, or want to find a hobby. Instructables is an interesting website for you to visit if you want to learn DIYs step by step.


73. Snopes

Snopes is a random website that fact-checks all the details and gossip for you. Suppose you have trouble finding the right news and do not know what is real or fake. Visit this website, and you can do your research there.


74. Lifehacker

Do you know what to do when you’re facing eviction? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to make soup dumplings but didn’t know how? Lifehacker has well-thought-out articles to help you manage life’s hurdles.


75. Mix

Surf the internet without the padding with Mix. This interesting site lets you create your own profile based on what you are interested in and then shares articles, videos, and pictures of you to discover more about them.


76. Pottermore

All the Harry Potter fanatics rise, Pottermore is here to show you and the rest of the Hogwarts gang for a whole new wizarding experience. If you are determined to know how much of a Potter fan you are, then this website is for you.


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77. LEGO Videos

If you love LEGOS, then this website is the perfect place for you. LEGO Videos includes multiple videos on their site, all from your favorite LEGO movie shots to new little versions. For every pop-culture phenomenon like Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Harry Potter, there’s a LEGO video series version ready to steal our attention and waste some time!

LEGO Videos


The last website we have to add to the list of the best websites to waste time is GIPHY. You may have already heard of this website and definitely have used the GIFs they have available at some point. Scroll and find fun and hilarious GIFs when bored.


Ready to End Boredom?

If you are searching for authentic websites to waste your time away, our list of best websites to waste time is made for you. They are some of the most random websites the Internet offers, but they will keep you entertained. If you are interested in creating one of your own random websites, WebsVent can do that for you. Do not underestimate the power of random funny websites; they attract a certain audience.

If that is your agenda, then take this list of best websites to waste time as a list to inspire you to come up with a more fun and twisted version of a website!

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