5 Types of Web Design With Their Pros and Cons
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5 Types of Web Design With Their Pros and Cons

Did you know that 94% of first impressions are related to a website’s design? It’s hard to believe, but it is the truth. As a business owner, it is time to invest in a beautiful website to stand out from the competition. But when you step into the world of web design, you are less likely to know which route to take or what types of designs will benefit your business in the long run.

However, you don’t have to worry anymore; we are here with all the much-needed answers. In this comprehensive blog post, we will talk about the following types of website designs along with the pros and cons:

  1. Static Page Layout
  2. Liquid Design Layout
  3. Adaptive Website Layout
  4. Dynamic Website Layout
  5. Responsive Design Layout

Is that all you get? Well, no. We will also discuss the types of websites you can create to help you choose the one that fits your business perfectly. Also, if you want to know about affordable web design companies, check out the 10 Best Affordable Web Design Companies In 2024. These companies are renowned for creating web designs that make a difference.

5 Essential Web Design Types for Your Business Website

Are you planning to design your website but need help determining which design type would work best for you? Below, we list 5 commonly known website design types that work for most businesses. To further simplify your decision, we will enlist pros and cons. So, without any further ado, let’s learn more about them:

  1. Static Page Layout
  2. Liquid Design Layout
  3. Adaptive Website Layout
  4. Dynamic Website Layout
  5. Responsive Design Layout

1. Static Page Layout

Static website design is the basic type of website design worldwide. This type of web design has premade dimensions, meaning it has a permanent width.  These static web designs stay permanently in these dimensions no matter which browser or device you use.

However, with the rise of mobile devices, static website design has lost its prominence.

Reason? This website design does not adjust to different devices and thus fails to deliver a positive user experience on tablets and smartphones.

Nonetheless, if you are considering making a separate version of your website for mobile devices, static website design can still be a type of website to consider in 2024.

Pros of Static Web Design

  • No hassle while setting up

Cons of Static Web Design

  • Non-responsive design, which means it does not adjust with the device size.
  • If you want it to work on mobile devices, you must create a separate mobile version, which means more work.

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2.    Liquid Design Layout

Another website design to be added to the list is a liquid website design layout, also known as fluid design. This layout relies on flexible units instead of fixed ones, as in static website design. Since this layout has flexible units, it stretches to take the complete size of the device’s screen. The worst part is that it does not matter which device you use this website on; it always stretches to cover the space.

Since the major purpose of website design is to deliver a good user experience and drive maximum traffic, liquid design layouts are starting to be dropped from the list of beneficial designs for business websites. While some designers are good at designing liquid design layouts, and you can always choose them, it might risk your customers’ experience with your business website.

Pros of Liquid Design Layout:

  • As compared to responsive design, it is convenient to set up.
  • Due to stretching, no information gets cut off.

Cons of Liquid Design Layout:

  • This web design stretches too much for wide browsers to adjust and looks appealing.
  • If the browser’s screen size is small, the website shrinks to adjust, making the information difficult to read and the design congested.

3.    Adaptive Website Layout

Adaptive website layout is another great option for your business website. As you can easily guess from the name, this layout utilizes CSS queries to detect the size of the browser and adjust the website accordingly.  Adaptive websites resize the layout according to the browser to provide the best user experience to the website’s visitors.

With this type of layout, you will not see stretching as you would in fluid layouts. Rather, this layout can only adjust a certain parameter. For example, if you want an example of this set of parameters, they would look like this:

  • If the browser is 500 pixels wide, the website will adjust the content container to 400 pixels wide.
  • If a browser has a smaller screen and the website has a 2-column layout, it would change to a 1-column layout to adjust.

Pros of Adaptive Website Layout:

  • They are convenient to set up
  • Compared to responsive website designs, they take less time to develop
  • The websites can adjust according to different sizes of browsers

Cons of Adaptive Website Layout:

  • Because the adjustment is in certain parameters, your device has too much or no space.
  • It might look responsive, but it isn’t actually.

4.    Dynamic Website Layout

While considering types of website layouts, you will surely come across dynamic website layouts. This website design layout is perfect for those who do not have extensive knowledge of HTML. This layout delivers different content to different visitors even if they access the website simultaneously.

When you choose a dynamic layout for your website, you can create a database of information and features. This database helps automatically create a website when a user requests a web page. Dynamic websites are best if you want to show personalized content to your visitors.

Pros of Dynamic Website Layout

  • Engagement with consumers
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Skill in coding is not as necessary

Cons of Dynamic Website Layout

  • Setup can be more complicated when using many capabilities.
  • Usually, it takes longer to load due to the various components and layouts of the pages.

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5. Responsive design layout

Responsive design layout is the next form of website layout we will review. This layout format has become the most common due to its ability to fill the browser space precisely and work with every device. The primary focus of responsive design is on mobile devices.

You start by designing for mobile devices, and then you can expand your site to accommodate larger browsers. You shouldn’t waste time attempting to shrink your website; instead, you should start small and grow from there. The Dropbox website is a fantastic illustration of flexible design.

On a large desktop browser, their site looks like this:

Dropbox website On a large desktop browser

When viewed on a mobile device, the site adapts to the screen size of the user’s browser, providing an optimal viewing experience. In the mobile version, the site looks like this:

Dropbox website In the mobile version

Pros of Responsive Design:

  • Invest in a mobile-friendly website.
  • Provides a faultless experience across all platforms
  • You can skip making a dedicated mobile site.

Cons of Responsive Design:

  • Needs additional time to construct and refine

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5 Types of Websites You Can Create – Options Work for Most People Out There

While we are shortlisting the types of website layouts, it is important to decide what type of website you need to create for your business. Since businesses are different, every website type serves a different purpose. We are listing 5 different types of websites below, and you can see and choose the type of website for your business.

1. Blogs

We will begin our list of website types with blogs. Blogs are online journals where experts in a certain field write and publish articles to educate and inform their readers. If you’re into content marketing, you might consider making a blog site, even though it’s not your main website.

Content marketing is an absolute must if you want your business to succeed in the digital realm and earn your audience’s confidence. You can use content marketing by either creating a dedicated blog website (like The Verge) or integrating it into your main website.

The Verge Blog Website

All web design formats except single-page layouts are acceptable for this type of website.

Adaptive and responsive web design is how to create this kind of website.

2. E-commerce Websites

An e-commerce website is another kind of website you may make for your company. This website type is ideal if you wish to sell goods on it. The main functions of e-commerce websites are product pages, adding items to a basket, and completing transactions.

This website is ideal for your business if you want to sell things.

Etsy e-commerce website design

Adaptive and responsive web design are the finest options for e-commerce website design.

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3. Business Websites

A business website is an additional kind of website that you can make. It is much like any other website; it details your organization and the services you provide. Even if you don’t sell goods online, you could create a business website highlighting your offerings.

business website

These straightforward websites provide a central point for information about your company. If your website does not offer things, you can utilize this website. Any of the aforementioned web design styles can be used for a company website; the key is to select the ones that will enable you to give your audience the greatest possible experience.

4. Portfolio Websites

Building a website can be a great way to establish your online presence, but have you considered a portfolio website? These aren’t just for creative fields anymore! Whether you’re a photographer, consultant, or even a personal trainer, a portfolio website allows you to showcase your skills and experience in a professional and visually appealing way.

Many website builders offer user-friendly templates specifically designed for portfolios. This makes it easy to create a website that reflects your unique brand and keeps your visitors engaged. Plus, unlike a static resume, a portfolio allows you to easily add new projects and achievements, ensuring your online presence stays fresh and up-to-date. Consider it a digital resume on steroids, constantly evolving to represent your best work!

Portfolio Website James Dearden

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5. Online Forum Website

You might be brainstorming website ideas, and the usual suspects like blogs or e-commerce come to mind. But have you considered the engaging world of online forums?

Forums are like online communities where people with similar interests can come together to discuss, share knowledge, and connect. Building a forum around a particular topic can be rewarding if you’re passionate about it.

If you are unsure about how the forum website looks, you can check Reddit.


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