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Why is Good Web Design Important?

Your website is the digital gateway to your brand’s online presence, serving as your audience’s first encounter with your business in the virtual world. It is a dynamic platform for building relationships and developing business rather than just a digital brochure. Its design must be flawless as a result. Your website is essential for shaping how people view your business, grabbing their interest, and ultimately turning them into customers. Your website must be thoughtfully created with your target market in mind, with the primary objective of delivering a remarkable user experience.

Your question, “Why is web design important?” will be answered in this blog. We’ll examine the enormous value of a well-designed website from the view of your target audience and the many benefits it can provide to your business and the users of your online presence.

Why Web Design is Important.

Setting the First Impression

Consider your website as the front door to your company, with the design creating the first impression. It identifies the core of your brand. A well-executed design quickly grabs the audience’s attention, increasing the chances that they’ll stay and do more exploring. On the other hand, an outdated or unattractive design might prevent potential clients from turning to your competitors.

Take a look at the Thred Up  homepage as an example:

Thred UP

The homepage embraces a seasonal theme, showcasing a trendy boho aesthetic, particularly for women’s fashion. A custom graphic prominently advertises the abundance of boho apparel available. Despite its comprehensive nature, the navigation bar maintains a clean and organized design, making it effortless for visitors to locate their desired categories.

Impact on User Experience (UX)

User experience is paramount in the digital world. Your target audience expects quick and easy access to information. A website that has been well-designed will have easy-to-use navigation. Users might quickly obtain the needed content through a simple navigation bar and a clean, well-organized structure. As a result of their improved overall experience, they are more likely to interact with your material and take the essential steps.

For example, French studio NKI stands out for its visual effects mastery, seamlessly blending CGI, animation, and VFX to bring captivating stories to life. Their website mirrors this narrative prowess, offering an unconventional yet compelling navigation experience. Users are guided through a full-screen journey, relying on scrolling to uncover the studio’s latest projects. This interactive approach reflects a commitment to immersive storytelling, leaving visitors with a lasting impression of their creative genius.


SEO and Web Design

Website design and SEO work well together. Many web design elements impact how search engines evaluate and index your website. Search engine rankings for your website can have a significant impact by using SEO-friendly web design techniques. Work with a web design firm whose package includes SEO services like  Websvent if you want to gain a highly optimized website and search engine recognition!

Responsive Web Design and Mobile-Friendly Design

The significance of responsive web design has grown as a result of the increased use of mobile devices. Mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers are just a few of the devices that your target audience uses to access your website. All users will get the best viewing experience possible due to the website’s responsive design. This boosts user interaction and extends their stay on your website.

Ikira, a South African producer and supplier of exterior soft furnishings, has a website that provides a seamless user experience across all devices. While the overall look and feel of the site remains consistent, White Stone Atelier, the agency responsible for its creation, has implemented minor changes to optimize the experience for each device.

To give better context, when the website is shifted from desktop to mobile devices, the page layout changes flawlessly, implying flexible change and ensuring that the viewer gets the same experience as they would on a desktop. It shows an easy-to-digest format.

Overall, Ikira’s website is a great example of creating a responsive website that provides a consistent experience across all devices. By making small changes, Ikira has ensured that its website is accessible and easy for everyone.


Visual Appeal in Web Design

Visual elements are powerful tools in web design, as they enhance engagement and break up text. However, it is essential to determine the ideal image-to-text ratio. The abundance of visuals on your website could confuse visitors and make it tough to understand. The secret is to use images sparingly, ensuring they improve both the user experience and the content.

Capture visitors’ attention from the moment they land on your website with a bold and visually striking header. This approach is especially effective for business websites that primarily convey information and may not have an abundance of visual elements.

When you land on Tiff Cruz’s website, you can’t help but notice her name, which stands out in a large, funky, cream-colored serif font against a stark black background. This design makes her name unforgettable, reinforcing her personal brand.

Tiff Cruz

Website Performance and Loading Speed

Let’s get straight to the facts here: people like fast processes. Things to be achieved quickly, viewing through quickly, and according to a study, approximately 47% of consumers expect a webpage to load no less than 2 seconds. Any more than that and your viewers are gone, moving to the next website. Even the most visually appealing website will be less likely to be visited because of its loading and performance. Poorly performing sites that load slowly in a browser will surely drive your viewers away. Ultimately decreasing your conversion rates. We will further look into the significance of conversion rates in the next point.

So, if you are still wondering why is web design important, then here is one of the vital answers. Speed and effortless loading time will enhance user experience and decrease website bounce rates. Furthermore, by hastening the launch of your website, use technologies like Google PageSpeed Insights to improve the user experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

In addition to drawing visitors, a well-designed website also helps those visitors become paying clients. Compelling call-to-action (CTA) icons nudge site visitors to perform an action, for example, making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. Strategically placed and visually appealing calls to action boost user engagement and conversion rates.

We couldn’t help but give an excellent example of Skillshare. The famous online learning platform includes a wide range of classes covering diverse topics for people to select from, such as lifestyle, culinary arts, fashion, film/photo design, and more.


It covers all three top selling point aspects of how important a good web design is. Starting with an attractive web design, it includes an eye-catching header and gives off a playful insight. You can also note the clear concepts and value propositions that wander around the site. Viewers can explore and access it with easy navigation. Lastly, there are noticeable CTAs. They included actionable CTAs such as “Browse Classes” and “Get Started With 2 Months Free,” this will compel viewers to click and discover more on their website. They know how to make customers act.

Brand Identity and Design Consistency

The secret to increasing brand recognition is consistency. A style guide makes keeping your website’s typeface, color palettes, and layout consistent easier. You can gain trust and brand awareness by creating a consistent brand image and keeping visitors interested.

The LEGO Brand

The enduring popularity of The LEGO Brand can’t be attributed solely to the familiarity and dependability of their product or the personal connection so many of us have to this nostalgic yet modern toy. The company has cultivated a deep sense of brand trust that fosters customer loyalty. Every aspect of their marketing efforts constantly reinforces their core values, which resonates with LEGO users of all ages.

Bonus Web Design Tip (The Fun One)

Above, we discussed all the tech-savvy and serious web design tips to improve your website. Now, let’s look at some fun ways to amplify your website additionally. They may seem small, but they greatly impact the overall user experience.

Let’s play a simple spot the difference game. Look at these two website homepages and think to yourself, which is flattering. Without knowing about navigation without knowing the context. Just visuals, basically the layout;

Website A:

The Big Ugly Website

Website B:

Magic Spoon

We hope you choose Website B.


Everything Wrong with Website A

The Big Ugly Website was deliberately created to give a perfect example of what a bad website looks like. Need we say more? The colors, text style, and its entire layout are in shambles, hence the website’s name. We may add that there is no navigation here, and yes, we checked the website out. So you wouldn’t have to. It is horrifying (inserts sad face).

Everything Flawless About Website B

When you look at Magic Spoon’s homepage, it most certainly lightens up the inner child in you. Right? Its nostalgic, bright, beautiful color theory coincides with the brand’s overall USP (Unique Selling Point). Just like the products they sell, the website includes the same colors, comical and colorful. It gives the impression of consistency and a powerful branding strategy.

Always Remember…

Your website defines you and your services and profession and has a lasting impression on your viewers. It should be done right the first time. If not perfect, then close to it. Trends keep changing, and the market keeps modifying with new aesthetics. Your rankings on search engines matter. People will always click on the first four websites that are filtered out as the most relevant according to your search.

However, if you are still confused as to what makes a good web design, you can contact our professionals at WebsVent and learn more with the experts! It’s safer to hire a professional web design agency to do the job as you would not want to end up with something like The Big Ugly Website!

Now that you have made it this far into the blog, you can finally get your answer to the most popular question of why is web design important. You can now answer confidently and know what you are looking for in a web design!


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