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13 Related Services for Web Designers to Offer

If you’re a website designer, whether you work solo or run an agency, you can offer more than just website design services to your clients. If you want to boost your income and make things easier for your clients, you must have to provide extra services. When you offer different other services, your client needs to hunt less and rely more on you.

So, the question is what other services you can provide to your customer?

Some extra services you can offer include graphic design, website maintenance, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content writing, and even social media management. By offering these, you save your clients time and hassle, and they get the benefit of a comprehensive solution from a single provider. It’s a win-win situation!

Web Development Services

When it comes to offering web development services, web designers have separate benefits. As the aspects of website design focus on aesthetics and user experience, web developers delve into the intricate coding and functionality that gives life to a design. Web designers can craft websites that are not only appealing from their visuals but also functional and efficient. They make sure that every element, from forms and buttons to interactive features, functions smoothly, resulting in an exceptional and seamless user experience.

Graphic Design Solutions

Visuals have a great influence on visitors as it helps the business to capture the attention of the visitor and convey the company message effectively. In addition, web designers who have graphic design skills can uplift websites by incorporating visually appealing icons, illustrations, and graphics. These elements not only improve the complete aesthetics of the site but also help in improving user engagement.

Furthermore, web designers can leave a lasting impression that enhances brand recognition and resonates with the audience by creating attractive visuals that align seamlessly with the client’s brand identity.

UX/UI Design Enhancements

User interface (UI) and User experience (UX) design are essential for the success of any website. If you are a talented web designer, you can go beyond the basics of innovation by offering enhanced UX/UI services. This involves optimizing user-friendly interfaces, crafting intuitive navigation structures, and creating seamless interactions between websites and users. Furthermore, by focusing on these aspects, web designers ensure that visitors can easily interact, navigate, and find the necessary information they seek. This results in longer visit durations, user satisfaction, and increased engagement.

E-commerce Website Solutions

In the current digitalization world, the e-commerce industry is rapidly flourishing. Website designers can take advantage of this trend by offering specialized solutions for online stores. These solutions are not only limited to simple website design but focus on optimizing and creating e-commerce platforms that provide secure and smooth online transactions. It works as an excellent opportunity for website designers as they can incorporate different features on these websites, such as intuitive shopping carts, organized product catalogs, and secure payment gateways. Moreover, offering a one-stop shopping experience can contribute to higher conversion rates, improved customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the e-commerce market.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is significant for providing optimal user experiences, especially in the recent mobile-centric world. This adaption of a mobile-optimized website guarantees increasing visitor engagement. Furthermore, the change is consistent with visually appealing experiences whether users are accessing the site from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Through the help of responsive design, web designers ensure that their websites remain visually and functionally appealing across all platforms and allow clients to reach a wider audience.

Mobile App Design Services

The mobile apps proliferation has created an avenue for web designers to develop their skill sets. Furthermore, through the help of mobile app designing expertise, web designers can assist clients in establishing a solid presence in the mobile realm. Designing visually and user-friendly engaging mobile interfaces requires a seamless transition from web design principles. Moreover, designers can cater to clients seeking to offer their services and content through dedicated mobile applications.

SEO Optimization Packages

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a prominent factor that ensures website visibility. Web designers can use this as an opportunity for them, especially those who have knowledge of SEO. They can offer comprehensive optimization packages to clients and involve structuring websites in a way that aligns with search engine algorithms, integrating relevant keywords, enhancing website speed and performance, and optimizing meta tags. In addition, by providing SEO-friendly content and design, web designers contribute to enhanced online visibility, increased organic traffic, and improved search engine rankings for their clients.

Content Management System Integration

One of the valuable services that web designers can offer includes empowering clients to manage their website content. Web designers can provide seamless content management system (CMS) integration, allowing clients to modify and update their website content without technical expertise. Web designers can integrate user-friendly CMS platforms, including Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, allowing clients to conveniently add new content. Furthermore, it will enable clients to maintain a dynamic online presence and update existing information. This allows clients to have more control over their website content and keep their online information up-to-date with negligible effort.

Website Maintenance and Updates

The website designing journey is not just limited to its launching; it requires ongoing care to ensure optimal performance. Hence, web designers have the opportunity to offer comprehensive maintenance packages that include technical support, security enhancements, and regular updates. Furthermore, designers safeguard against potential and vulnerable issues by keeping website themes, plugins, and software up-to-date. Additionally, the technical support of web designers ensures that clients have a reliable partner to address their unexpected challenges, resulting in a seamless and uninterrupted online experience for visitors.

Branding and Identity Design

Web designers can extend their expertise to assist clients in establishing a consistent and strong brand identity. Furthermore, they can offer branding services that involve crafting visuals that represent the essence of a client’s business. This might include selecting color palettes, designing logos, and choosing typography that resonates with the brand’s values. In addition, web designers can contribute to a recognizable and memorable brand presence across various touchpoints by providing cohesive brand visuals.

Social Media Integration for Websites

Integrating social media into websites has enhanced online reach and user engagement. Web designers can incorporate social media elements such as follow icons, share buttons, and live feeds. These features allow visitors to connect directly with the brand’s social media profiles from the website, encouraging building, sharing, and interacting with a large online community.

Custom Plugin and Widget Development

Every website has its requirements that the standard solution still needs to fulfill. As a web designer, you can offer custom plugins and widget development to provide specific functionalities. Moreover, by creating tailor-made features and tools, you, as a designer, can enhance user experiences and set websites separately from competitors. Whether it is a specialized content display, dynamic booking system, or custom solution that addresses the specific needs of clients and their target audience.

Web Hosting and Domain Registration Assistance

Navigating the technicalities of domain registration and web hosting can be irresistible for clients. Web designers can guide you in selecting appropriate hosting solutions and registering domain names. Furthermore, designers can recommend hosting services offering the necessary performance and resources by understanding the budget constraints, traffic expectations, and clients’ needs.


As the influence of web designing continuously expands, web designers have much more to offer their clients. They can offer services ranging from responsive web design and SEO optimization to graphic design solutions and e-commerce website development. These services enhanced the client experience and provided web designers apart in a competitive world. Hence, if you are a professional web developer unable to manage your workload, consider, which allows you to reduce your burden. It helps you provide other services, including responsive website development, landing page development, static website development, and website maintenance services at affordable rates.

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