15 Ways To Increase Website Traffic
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15 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

For small business owners, a website is a crucial tool for thriving in today’s world. It’s about establishing an online presence and driving your business forward. Your website is the gateway to success, and increasing traffic is the key to unlocking that.

It’s natural to wonder how your website can stand out in a crowded market. But rest assured, with the right strategies and the assistance of seasoned professionals, your website can rise above the competition. This will lead to more traffic and a prominent position on SERPs.

You can track your website’s performance and use strategies to target specific factors. Furthermore, with the right tools and tactics, you can learn a lot about the people who visit your website and potentially turn them into your values and recurring clients. So, here are our top picks for increasing website traffic that we swear by. Let’s dive right in!

What is Website Traffic?

Website traffic refers to the volume or amount of users/viewers visiting your website. The number of people who visit your website determines the quantity of traffic on your website.

Think of it this way: there is an amazing ice cream store that sells exclusive flavors, and the overall aesthetic of the shop itself makes people enjoy their time, too. Here, the visitors aim to eat delicious ice cream and have a good time. The number of customers you receive within a day means you make more money, right? This same concept applies to a well-made website. Additionally, the number of people who visit your website will depend on the purpose of the website. It is how you make your website easily discoverable in search engines. People naturally select the top couple of websites in SERPs, but rarely do they click on the second page.

Website traffic is very important when it comes to determining the success of a website. It depends on the type of websites you create. For instance, if you are a personal blogger, you still will yearn for increased traffic for your blogging site. However, online businesses heavily depend on increased traffic for their websites. It is almost like a race! If you own a small business or larger organization, you have to understand the importance of website traffic and know how to identify where your traffic is coming from, who your traffic is, and so much more in order to grow smoothly.

Why is Website Traffic Important?

1. Your Website/Brand is Recognized

The more viewers or customers click on your website, the more traffic increases, which tells search engines that your website is popular. This way, more potential customers and viewers will become familiar with your brand and learn about its services. Furthermore, they will recommend your services, too. This is crucial in building your brand’s recognition and credibility in the digital world.

2. Website traffic is Directly Linked With Lead Generations

Once your brand gains more recognition from viewers and search engines, it acts as a powerful lead-generation tool. This effective Internet marketing strategy attracts a qualified/relevant audience and turns visits into sales. This means your website will have high conversion rates. We will look into ways you can achieve lead generation later.

3. Brand Credibility/Loyal Customers

Well-made websites with consistent traffic imply an image of credibility to new viewers, customers, or other firms. This means that your website signifies trust and quality to viewers. People would recommend your website to others and rely on that more. Ultimately, this will determine how strong your online presence is and how it will keep its position on SERPs. Additionally, it is obvious once you gain more brand credibility, your customers and frequent viewers become your loyal customers. They trust your website and the services you provide.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of those factors that pairs well with search engines. Search engines consider websites with SEO content when they rank a website in SERPs. Websites with relevant keywords tend to increase the website’s rank, ultimately increasing the website’s traffic. Here is how it works: People generally search for incomplete phrases, for example, “best ramen restaurants” or “Affordable US website design agency.” Therefore, search engines filter out websites with the recurring keywords “best ramen” and “Affordable US website design agency.”

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5. You Learn About Qualified Traffic and Random Traffic

Yes, you gain two kinds of website traffic. Qualified traffic refers to traffic coming from viewers who are genuinely interested in what your website has to offer. These viewers or visitors end up being your potential customers and frequently visit your website daily or weekly. On the other hand, random traffic consists of visitors who arrive by chance, which means that they didn’t intend to visit your website in the first place, but conscientious searching or clicking led them there. These visitors may not be as likely to convert into leads or sales, but they still contribute to your website’s overall traffic.

How to Increase Website Traffic

Here is a list of proven ways to increase website traffic and boost your brand’s online presence to its full potential! These include keyword SEO strategies, engaging content, social media, guest blogging, and many more. Each of these strategies has been tested and proven to drive traffic to your website.

1. Keyword SEO is Your BFF

Say you post content on your website regularly, and your content is fun and interesting, but why are you not gaining traffic? That is where keywords come into place. This does not mean you create robotic content and expect to start gaining increased traffic. Content writing with keywords is a skilful art that expert writers possess. Keywords are how search engines are able to filter out your website as relevant.

By knowing which search terms are ranking, you can end up making your website more discoverable. This way, the terms that people search for will be visible on your website, showing them that you are the website that is answering their queries or providing the services that set you apart.

Google Analytics allows you to see which search terms your website visitors have used to find you. These keywords can be used to optimize your website content and improve your search engine ranking. Additionally, it’s a good practice to analyze the terms used by your competitors on their websites, social media platforms, or in emails. This will help you better understand the market and stay on top of the competition.

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2. Create Engaging Content

This is definitely a continuation of the first point above. When you create high-quality and engaging content, you can include ranking keywords, ultimately increasing website traffic. By doing so, you show your viewers that you have high website authority and are well-knowledgeable as a business within your industry.

Your content can also be fun and unique at times, but it should also have some connection within your business so you can show off your SEO efforts. The more optimized content, the better search engines can filter your website as relevant, and your viewers will get the content they want.

Pro Tip: Try to include keywords in your main headings and subheadings. Normally, Google and other search engines read the website’s headings instead of the entire content and highlight those keywords in meta descriptions. This makes people want to click on your website instantly.

3. Make Targeted Landing Pages

Directing a website visitor to a dedicated landing page that features their interests can help them engage with your website and your business. You can use website analytics to create pages that highlight content tailored to the visitor’s preferences to achieve this.

You can create tags for your contacts to build personalized messaging into your ongoing marketing. A tag is a label for a contact that can inform the content you serve up on your website when they visit, ensuring that it is relevant to their interests.

4. Gain More Backlinks

Gaining backlinks from trusted websites and sources can skyrocket traffic to your website. Backlinking occurs when renowned websites use your website or content link on their page. When viewers click on that link, it redirects them to your website. Backlinks show popular search engines, like Google, that your website is trustworthy and relevant. When a backlink comes from a reputable website, its viewers become your potential customers.

Keep in mind that your backlinks should be relevant to the same industry. That means if you own a florist eCommerce website and someone backlinks your site to their hairstyling site, that could lead to drawbacks. Although this is unlikely to happen and can be fixed, this is still possible. We advise you to track your backlinks on a frequent basis.

5. Send Emails Linking to Your Website

Emails may sound old school, but don’t be fooled by their power to reach targeted audiences and drive people to certain pages on your website.

Here are two main types of email promotions:

  • Promotional emails highlight specific events or sales listed on your website. They are almost like push notifications. They showcase your current and new services or any videos you may have missed. This ensures that your viewers watch them and don’t miss out.
  • Email newsletters are very useful for increasing website traffic and overall sales. They act as guidance for your regular audience, so if they have missed anything important, your email newsletter can help them read that article.

Regardless of what kind of email you send to your viewers, it will redirect them back to your website so that they can view whatever they may have missed. Another interesting way you can get people to view your website is if you own a certain eCommerce store and a couple of products are out of stock. You can ask your customers to provide emails to remind them when that product will be back in stock. This is a very common and effective way of not losing your customers.

6. Targeted Landing Pages

A targeted landing page acts as a billboard sign for your audience, those who need those services. It will, in fact, make them want to view your website. This initiates increased focus on these customers, and they will end up clicking on your site and attaining your services.

A well-made landing page design is like a whole page dedicated to engaging content about that service or product. You can add to this by using website analytics to create pages that highlight tailored content for such visitors. Additionally, you can add tailored content and keep your posting game strong. And create content that is tagged. This boosts your marketing strategy and results in increased website traffic.

9. Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers are all the hype nowadays. Getting a trusted word from them would benefit your website a ton. Influencers are always willing to collaborate with start-ups and well-established industries. This is sort of an investment situation for them, but it will benefit you equally.

For example, you just started your photography career and made a website to showcase your portfolio, but you aren’t getting much from it. If you pair up with other influencers, take their pictures, and they give you a trusted word. This way, you both share your audience, increasing your website traffic.

Additionally, you gain brand credibility and more recognition. People remember collaborations, and it becomes trustworthy for them as well.

10. Use Social Media

As an online business, you may already be using social media handles to promote your business further. Still, if your posts are mainly articles, photos, and promotions, you will need to do a little more than that. In the previous point, we mentioned collaborating with influencers. This point also relies on that. If you post interesting videos or keep posting fun pictures and interesting posts, you can ultimately increase your website’s traffic.

Let’s say that you customize mobile phone covers, and you take personal customized requests as well. Furthermore, you own a website and have blogs about customized phone covers and trending phone cases on your website. You would need to go the extra mile to gain more views. That will be possible by posting regularly on social media platforms. For example, you post short reels on Instagram to show your viewers the kinds of phone covers you make and how you make them by hand. You can add background music to keep your viewers engaged and shorten the video by effectively cropping the video.

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By creating short and engaging reels with trending music, you are surely to gain more views on that Reel alone. Then, in the description or top comment, you can post the link to your website, where people would be interested in buying custom-made phone covers.

11. Boost Your Local Search

This is another way to make your website more discoverable and easily recognizable by Google’s local algorithm. This tends to work better and is crucial for your business if you have a physical location in a specific area.

For example, if someone searches for “Affordable photographers in New York,” Google can track the main keywords “Affordable photographers” all around New York. So, what you are to do is to add these words to your content as much as possible so Google can discover and find out your content and website first. This way, you are going to increase your local reputation.

12. Use Digital ads

Digital ads and banner ads are designed to drive traffic toward your website. You may have seen them all over the net. You may think that these kinds of ads may not work. However, they do. These ads should not be underestimated.

Digital ads often work on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. By posting on social media platforms like this, these apps can break down the viewer’s algorithm and push these ads according to their searches, ages, genders, and interests.

For example, I am interested in home decor and watch several videos on Instagram about this. So, this platform would push brand ads that sell aesthetic home decor between my reels or on my FYP (for your page).

13. Run Contests/Giveaways

People adore giveaways, especially when you show them what they can win. By organizing contests or giveaways, you can make your viewers feel they can win your new product or service.

You can post giveaway videos and tell people to sign up on your website. This would drive several people to view your website alone. Additionally, offer prizes that are relevant to your audience and your brand. For example, if you sell professional cameras, you can include their accessories, lighting supplies, and other background accessories for your giveaway. Make sure that your audience is content creators, photographers, or people who are simply interested in this domain.

14. Engage With Your Community

Staying engaged with your community, which includes customers, other related brands, influencers, and industry experts, increases your website’s visibility and increases your website traffic.

Staying connected with your viewers and replying to their reviews, comments, or concerns shows that you are active and willing to make changes according to their requirements or that you have acknowledged their concerns. It increases respect and builds a personal connection with your viewers.

Another way you can stay connected with your viewers is by initiating polls and keeping your recommendations open. People would surely give their input and expect you to reply to them or so.

15. Don’t Forget About Your Existing Content

The biggest mistake when it comes to old blogs, or content is that you post it and forget to update it later, and even if that post was really good, it will be forgotten by your audience and your Google. Causing it to not show up on SERPs.

You do not have to do this on a regular basis, but after a couple of months go by, always check up on your previous ad old blogs by adding newly updated content and relevant or better keywords to them will make them recognizable on the search engines and it won’t end up being the needle in a haystack.

Increase Your Website Traffic With WebsVent

With the number of websites increasing daily, it is only normal for start-ups and small businesses to seek professional assistance. At WebsVent, we are on top of all the trends, Google Analytics, and its requirements.

Gaining more traffic to your website requires time, consistency, and dedication. It is not a one-time thing, so hiring affordable services to help you achieve your goal is easier.

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