Level Up Your Projects: 28 Innovative Website Design Ideas for 2024
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Level Up Your Projects: 28 Innovative Website Design Ideas for 2024

With billions of websites out there, you might be wondering how to make yours stand out. If you’re unsure of what type of website to launch, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated a collection of the most trending and popular website ideas for your 2024 projects, spanning a wide range of categories. From personal blogs to online stores, there’s something for everyone.

Launching or building a website can offer you multiple benefits and help you succeed in your journey toward potential and growth. Your website can become a steady stream of revenue for future projects. There are various types of websites that you can create, so it does not have to be a basic one. You can create a blogging website, open an eCommerce store, or make a membership site. The possibilities are endless, and you will have plenty of ideas to spark your creativity. Let’s get started!

What Types of Websites Are High In Demand?

We know that eCommerce websites have made a strong entrance into the online market ever since the unfortunate Pandemic in 2019. The rise of eCommerce websites has made it challenging for other similar websites to become popular. However, even though it is common, it is still one of the most high-in-demand websites for almost everything.  The best website ideas either include some sort of utility or are informative websites that ideally attract specific customers.

For example, utility websites often create a specific outcome for the customer. LinkedIn is a job board website and a place where people build their professional backgrounds and keep a record of it. These kinds of websites are known to help recruiters and job seekers. This way, they have two types of audience that heavily rely on this platform.

Informational websites are less interactive (at times) and more educational-based or inspirational-based. Take Wikipedia, for example. People visit this website to seek information and accuracy on whatever subject. Such a website will never lose its spark, regardless.

The examples above are just small examples; we will come to the major list next.

Top 28 Website Design Ideas for 2024

1. Job Websites

Best Writing

Best Writing is known for its clean and minimalistic website design. It focuses on the quality of their useability and leads rather than making them too glamorous than needed.

They have their own personal search engine and include a membership service (another website idea that is skyrocketing).

Job websites are never enough. People are always on the lookout for new jobs and different opportunities. Job sites allow you to cast a wider net than traditional methods like newspaper ads or local job postings. You can target specific industries, company sizes, and locations to find opportunities that align with your qualifications.

2. Membership Websites

Startup Society provides on-demand business training courses with action plans to help startups grow. Its sign-up page offers information on what’s included in a membership, broken down into action plans, support, and community.

Startup Society

Instead of simply mentioning the benefits, this website guides users through a one-month action plan behind the membership. This is an effective way to instill confidence in potential members and to show their value. Members can feel confident that they’re receiving what they paid for.

Unlike traditional websites that rely on advertising or one-time sales, membership websites provide a steady stream of income through subscription fees. This predictable income allows you to focus on creating valuable content and growing your membership base.

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3. eCommerce Websites

Above, we mentioned how e-commerce websites have risen since COVID-19. During that time, almost every local supermarket or store had to create a website to take orders.

Online shops are a great side business that almost anyone can launch. With so many e-commerce websites out there, you’ll be entering a competitive space, so make sure you have a solid, stand-out brand identity and niche to set your online shop apart.


Target has made its way up the competitive e-commerce industry with its trusted customers, providing good delivery services and gaining trust with its customers through membership and special discounts for regular customers.

4. Marketing Blog Website

A solid marketing blog site can boost your website’s overall performance. By either daily or regularly uploading new blogs, you can reach a diverse target audience. This way, you can certainly establish authority within your field.

Marketing Vent Blog

MarketingVent is a website that provides daily updates on popular and top-ranking marketing-related topics. Its aim is to entertain the audience while spreading accurate information on various domains. In this marketing blog site, you can learn more about inbound marketing and get tips on how to improve your marketing skills, especially if you are a beginner.

5. Online Learning Websites

Online learning websites are so popular. Finding accurate sites offering long or short-certified courses would attract those willing to use these services. Online learning websites provide a remote method of learning, and it is known to attract individuals who want to learn in the comfort of their own homes and at flexible times to match their ongoing jobs better.


Udemy is known for focusing on making the quality of education more available and accessible for students worldwide. They have made serious progress over the years, and their website never fails to give its best. The subjects they offer are so diverse that they attract several kinds of learners, such as those interested in Instagram Marketing and those interested in learning about Aromatherapy.

6. Affiliate Websites

Affiliate websites offer a low-risk way to earn money online by promoting other companies’ products. You create content that attracts potential customers, then include affiliate links that track clicks and purchases. If someone buys through your link, you earn a commission. This is a smart and interesting way to market other brands and products, and the website idea is gaining increasing popularity in 2024.

Another interesting way to be an affiliate is to add internal linking to your existing blog sites or websites. This way, the viewer reading your blog post will not have to search on another tab; they can click the link, which will redirect them to that product or service.

7. Curation Websites

Curation websites offer many benefits. They save users time by filtering and organizing valuable content from across the web, allowing them to discover new resources, gain diverse perspectives, and stay informed on a particular topic without overloading information. Additionally, curation websites can establish themselves as thought leaders by providing insightful commentary and analysis alongside the curated content.


Buzzfeed produces fun and unique facts, keeping up with the latest trends and gossip worldwide, with its team of editors.

8. Photography Website

A photography website acts as your online portfolio, where you can showcase your best work to a global audience. It allows you to establish yourself as a professional, attract new clients, and potentially sell prints or services directly. This innovative website idea for 2024 will give you the online presence you deserve.

Cambridge in Colour

Cambridge in Colour is known as a learning community for photographers. In addition to tools and tutorials, it has an active online forum where you can seek answers to even the most obscure photography questions.

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9. Service-based Websites

A service-based website can be just about anything, whether you provide roofing, flower decor, or mental health services. Regardless of your industry, you can create a website for that, as it helps you boost your brands or services to higher ground. This will allow you to gain more leads and a bigger audience and acquire a steady cash flow.

Webs Vent

Websites will always be relevant in 2024. Through a website, you make it easier for you to track your data and allow easier access to your viewers and customers on a regular basis. It is like a 24/7 virtual stop for people to access anytime, anywhere. The perk to keeping your service-based website on point is by maintaining it. WebsVent offers website maintenance services exactly for this reason. It can be easy for your website to become a needle in a haystack if not maintained. Hiring professionals to help you with the trick keeps it easy, so there is no need to worry about that! At the end of the day, Websvent is a renowned service-based website. Reputable for its affordable and professional web designing services.

10. Restaurant Website

It may sound odd to have a restaurant website but do not take it lightly. It will actually allow you to not miss out on the major perks and benefits of owning one. We admit that restaurant websites became more popular during and after COVID-19 since interaction was prohibited in many areas. But thanks to a website, that did not stop customers from wanting to get their favourite foods from their favourite restaurants.

China Poblano by José Andrés

Source: China Poblano by José Andrés

Restaurant websites are still popular and will continue to be in the spotlight since they have greatly impacted their customers and their own growth. Customers like to view their restaurant before they actually go there in person. Some like ordering directly from the website, and some prefer booking tables for large gatherings. These are just a few benefits of owning a restaurant website; this website design idea is skyrocketing in 2024.

11. Skincare Blog Website

I don’t know about the entire world, but the skincare industry has really paved its way to success in the past few years. Now, it has become one of the most powerful and influential industries of all time, popular among people of all races, genders, and ages.

The Klog

Here’s an example of a stunning skincare blogging website by The Klog. This website shares all the latest trends and popular skincare products in Korea, as well as the ones that actually work, and they ensure that facts are included in all their blogs.

12. Comparison Website

Comparison websites are incredibly useful tools for consumers. They save time and provide an easy way to browse products or services from different vendors. These sites allow you to compare prices, features, and customer reviews all in one place, which can help you make informed buying decisions and ultimately save money. By providing a comprehensive overview of the options available, comparison websites empower you to find the best deals and avoid rushing into purchases that may not be the best value for your money.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the perfect example of a comparison website. It is known to be one of the largest pricing comparison sites.

13. Food Blog Website

Although food blog websites are fairly common these days, people tend to rely on those that offer a combination of aesthetic pictures and appetizing reviews. By providing a sneak peek at the food before actually trying it out, these blogs enable viewers to make informed decisions about what they want to eat. Food bloggers often take the time to search for both fancy and hidden gem restaurants that are exclusive so people can also read about the place itself in addition to the food.

I am a food blog

Source: I am a food blog

Mike and Steph, food bloggers who have been traveling the world for seven years, showcase their love for Japanese cuisine in awe-inspiring photos on their blog.

14. Podcast Website

A podcast website acts as your central hub, boosting discoverability, engagement, and revenue. It allows you to showcase all your episodes, whether they are videos or just audio. It provides show notes and transcripts for better accessibility and integrates with marketing tools. This not only attracts new listeners but fosters a community around your podcast by offering a place for discussion and additional content.


Source: SimplyPodLogical

15. Travel Idea Website

A travel idea website benefits both travellers and travel businesses. Travelers can discover unique destinations, plan itineraries, and find inspiration for their next adventure. Businesses can showcase their offerings, attract potential customers, and establish themselves as travel experts within a specific niche.

Bucket List Travels

Source: Bucket List Travels

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16. Event Planning Website

An event planning website is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It allows your viewers to see your portfolio and speciality before choosing the one event planner company from their list. With an event planning website, you can boost engagement and showcase your successful events to impress your future clients. A well-designed event planning website becomes a powerful tool for maximizing event success.

Luxe Event Productions

Source: Luxe Event Productions

17. Fashion Blog Site

A fashion blogging website offers numerous advantages for both aspiring and established fashion enthusiasts. It serves as a creative outlet for expressing personal style, sharing fashion knowledge with a dedicated audience, and fostering a community of like-minded individuals.

Girl With Curves

In 2011, Tanesha Awasthi started the blog Girl With Curves to represent individuals who are not a size 0 or 2. The blog describes itself as an “award-winning blog” created by people who believe that women deserve to look and feel beautiful, irrespective of their weight, shape, or size.

18. Inspirational Websites

Inspirational websites usually focus on subjects such as family, health and wellness, or relationships. We all face challenges and difficulties in our lives. Whatever your struggles may be, consider creating an inspirational website to connect with others who may be going through similar situations.

The Invisible Mentor

Avil Beckford is a writer for The Invisible Mentor. She dedicates hundreds of hours every month to researching and reading in order to provide us with the most valuable and insightful information from older writers whose works are still relevant and important today.

19. SaaS Website

SaaS websites are complex, similar to e-commerce websites. They typically consist of a homepage, feature and use case pages and a blog. These play a crucial role in a SaaS company’s marketing strategy, making them a valuable website concept.


Ghost was initially a CMS alternative to WordPress. It has now evolved into a full media and newsletter platform, and as a result, it has launched a new SaaS website.

20. Newsletter Websites

While traditional websites excel at representing a company’s offerings, a dedicated newsletter website offers a unique advantage: providing a deeper customer relationship. This way, they give us a platform for exclusive content, curated news, and special announcements. A newsletter website fosters a sense of community and keeps your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

As email newsletters have grown in popularity, they’ve started to cross over with email marketing on a broader level, as well as other areas of marketing.

21. Art Portfolio Website

Art portfolio websites might seem old-school in our age of social media, but they’re still a game-changer for artists. This is literally a personal online art gallery, open 24/7 and accessible to anyone. It’s your space to showcase your best work, tell your artistic story, and connect directly with potential clients, collaborators, or even fans.


Behance is one of the most popular websites for presenting your achievements and projects. Just create a profile to be able to add images, videos, or other digital content. Anyone logged in to the site can add comments and likes. It is also like a community-based website since people who are interested in similar content and art all share and inspire one another, leaving their views on the website.

22. Gaming Reviews Website

Just like arts or fashion, gaming review websites are a hit for streamers and gamers worldwide. Game reviews are adored by gamers, so a website would establish a close-knit gaming community, bringing together professionals and beginners in one safe space to share insights, podcasts, ratings, and further insightful content.


Source: Destructoid

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23. Events Update Website

Event websites have become huge hits in the past few years. For viewers and loyal customers, they are like a go-to shop for all the latest events and details about those trending events. Whether it be a family event in a community park or a rave music festival, people can view all the events on your website, making it much easier for them instead of individually searching and researching further.

The New Yorker Festival

If you’re looking for a literary event that also features music and film screenings, The New Yorker Festival should be on your list. The esteemed magazine hosts this event website and reflects the brand’s classy personality. You’ll find familiar fonts throughout the site, mirroring The New Yorker’s print identity.

24. Language Learning Website

Language learning websites will remain relevant in 2024 due to many factors. Their accessibility, adaptability, and ability to cater to diverse learning styles. Busy individuals can access these platforms anytime, anywhere, for a personalized learning experience. These website design ideas constantly evolve, incorporating new technologies like gamification and AI-powered speech recognition to make learning engaging and effective. They cater to a wide range of learners, offering courses for beginners, professionals, travellers, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for almost any language learning goal.


Source: Duolingo

25. Celebrity Trends Website

People love to read about the latest news regarding celebrities and what brands they wear, the makeup they use, and who they have interacted with in the past few days (yes, people love celebrity gossip).


Although Vogue’s website is very elegant and simple-looking, it matches its content’s overall class and aesthetic—it is both professional and glamorous.

26. Camping Spot Idea Websites

With a camping website, you will target all those camping fanatics and outdoorsy people. You can include camping spots that are safe and danger-zoned, what wildlife creatures lurk about, and whether the camping site is worth it. You can even post reviews or allow people to sign up and post reviews about their current camping trip. This innovative website idea can really take you places, and this way, you can also become the most trustworthy site for all the campers.


Source: Hipcamp

27. Movie Review Websites

Let’s say you are searching for a good movie on Netflix but can’t find the right one. Then you end up searching for its reviews online and seeing the number of rotten tomatoes, and then you judge on the basis of that. With a movie review website, you can critically analyze popular worth, watch movies and bring back old movies that people may have missed out on watching without giving too many spoilers, of course. But you can add snippets and teaser pictures about the movies.

Rotten Tomatoes

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

28. Online Discussion Websites

Online discussion website platforms allow for community building around specific interests, creating a space for passionate individuals to connect and dig deep into topics they care about.  They offer valuable user-generated content, with real people sharing experiences and insights that might not be readily available elsewhere on the web.


Quora is a question-and-answer community where users can ask any logical or absurd question in the forum. Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to other users’ answers.

Create Your Next Project With WebsVent

Although the list is long, the possibilities for creative, innovative websites are endless. The key to a good website is the aesthetic and content that you include in it. WebsVent ensures quality content and superior visuals for your websites, ensuring that the entire look resonates with your service or brand.

Start your website design idea with WebsVent, and jump right into the world of competitive websites and get recognised!

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